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Our Experiences


  • Main Engine Repairs and Periodic Maintenance

  • Propeller Repair and Services

  • Shaft Repair and Services

  • Propulsion System Alignment and Control

  • Fore / Aft Propeller Maintenance and Repairs

  • General Mechanical Repairs and Installation

  • Hydraulic Works

  • Anchoring Equipment Installation And Maintenance

  • David&Crane Installation And Maintenance

  • Mooring Equipment Installation And Maintenance

  • Plumbing Works

  • Cooling systems

  • Exhaust Systems Repair and Maintenance


All steel works are designed by professional engineers and carried out by class certified welders.

Design, manufacturing, installation, repair and polishing on all of the below and beyond; 

  • Hull works & extensions 

  • Superstructure works

  • Superstructure extensions

  • Ss table base 

  • Chain pocket 

  • Bow metal handrails 

  • Radar arch 

  • Swim ladders 

  • Pantograph doors 

  • Watertight doors

  • Hatches

  • Handrails

  • Pulpit

  • Chain plate

  • Deck ladder

  • Cranes

  • All types of piping.

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Technical Services

Our team of highly educated and experienced professionals offer key services needed to develop, build, maintain and optimize your vessel throughout its life cycle.

Our product portfolio includes:


  • Project Management & Supervision 

  • Pre-purchase inspections

  • New Building Supervision

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